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The Importance of Brand Storytelling

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is targeted messaging that fosters the formation of authentic connections. This content focuses on a business’s values and provides the audience with a greater understanding of the business. Brand storytelling helps companies articulate their purpose. Ultimately, brand storytelling helps organizations build deeper relationships through an emphasis on stories and values.

Why is it important for companies to tell their story?

It is important for companies to tell their story because this allows readers or listeners to assess if their values align. When companies share the deeper meaning behind why they started or what drives them, others gain insight to the company’s genuine intentions behind what they do. When individuals at a company tell their stories, they also remind themselves of their “why.” Sharing a company’s “why” has the potential to reignite passion, excitement, and foster purpose-driven thinking.

Why is it important to tell brand stories from the senior living industry?

There are many untold stories about the senior living industry and the high-quality care provided to the nation’s vulnerable seniors. I chose to tell my story with the hope that other young professionals might look to the senior living industry as a fulfilling and rewarding career option. While pursuing my degree in journalism, I was drawn to study Gerontology because of the close relationships I shared with my grandparents. I also was fortunate enough to have a business writing internship with Achieve Accreditation which introduced me to the many undiscovered stories in the senior living industry. I am excited to partner with Achieve Accreditation and contribute to their performance improvement mission within the senior living industry. I am grateful for this opportunity and feel passionately about telling Achieve Accreditation’s story.

Jessica Prucha, BAJ is the Brand Storyteller at Achieve Accreditation. Achieve Accreditation has helped skilled nursing providers and assisted living organizations to

obtain and maintain their Joint Commission Accreditation for over 30 years.


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