Mission Statement: Achieve Accreditation's mission is to guide skilled nursing and assisted living providers across the nation through successful Joint Commission Accreditation survey outcomes as well as strengthen organization cultures specific to quality and safety.

Vision Statement: To remain the number one national Joint Commission Accreditation survey

readiness expert in the senior living industry with a continued niche business focus on skilled nursing and assisted living organizations.

Brand Promise: Hands-on guidance and comprehensive accreditation readiness resources.

Our Core Values

Accountability: Achieve Accreditation prioritizes daily accountability in producing quality and timely work products and guidance for our client partners. Achieve Accreditation staff is fully accountable to our client partners and to each other as frontline brand ambassadors. Achieve Accreditation demonstrates high integrity business ethic practices in all that we do.

Competence: Achieve Accreditation firmly believes that the commitment to a tightly defined niche business scope is the best way to remain true subject matter experts. We stay laser focused specific to Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation, Post-Acute Care Certification, Memory Care Certification, and Joint Commission Assisted Living Accreditation.

Continuous Improvement: Achieve Accreditation maintains that there is always a better way to
accomplish something for/with our client partners, for/within our company, and for/within the senior living industry. Achieve Accreditation has devoted significant attention to assuring that our focus remains on everyday survey readiness while strengthening organization cultures specific to quality and safety. We fully embrace the commitment of being a learning organization as a valued part of our company identity.


Relationships: Achieve Accreditation believes that business relationships are really “all about people” at the end of the day. We consistently demonstrate in actions that we greatly value our relationships with our client partners, with each other, and in all industry interactions. We believe that by demonstrating honesty and integrity in all that we say/do that we will continue to sustain our strong brand reputation during our national expansion. We firmly believe that each member of our Achieve Accreditation team is individually and collectively responsible for our company image and culture. We embrace a company culture that is client partner focused, collaborative, rewarding and supportive.

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