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  • Jessica Prucha

Gerrianne Hartman is a Senior Consultant and will soon celebrate her 27-year career anniversary in the senior living health care field. Person-centered care has always been a career passion for Gerrianne. Her professional background includes serving as a licensed nursing home administrator for 12 years. Gerrianne holds a master’s degree in Gerontology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She began working with Achieve Accreditation in 2008 and has been in her current role of Senior Consultant since 2015.

Gerrianne entered the field of Gerontology because she enjoys working with the elderly. Throughout her time working in senior living communities, she also developed a love for the dedicated staff.

“You meet some amazing people who have made it their life’s work and their mission to enhance the lives of older adults,” Gerrianne said. “In my consulting role I work directly with staff who, in turn, implement best practices that not only comply with Joint Commission standards but enhance the lives of their residents.”

Gerrianne’s favorite part of her role is offering her suggestions and resources to clients, making their lives easier and enhancing the quality of services provided to residents. Her clients appreciate her knowledgeable approach and dedication to continuous improvement.

Aperion Care Forest Park Administrator Martin Lee said, “Gerrianne is outstanding. She is thorough and communicative during survey preparation, survey and post-survey. She is always a pleasure!”

Achieve Accreditation Vice President Kristin Bratcher said Gerrianne is a vital asset to the team, as well as an informed resource to her clients.

"One quality that I love about Gerrianne is that she is passionate in everything she does,” Kristin said. “Gerrianne has a big heart and that shows in the respect she has from both her clients and colleagues."

Outside of work, Gerrianne spends most of her time taking her two children to and from their various activities. She enjoys seeing them practice activities they love, especially when they work hard and achieve their goals. In her free time, she also enjoys reading, yoga, playing the piano and hiking. Gerrianne hopes to travel to New Zealand and Australia one day, in addition to visiting all 63 national parks.

Jessica Prucha, BAJ is the Operations Manager at Achieve Accreditation. Achieve Accreditation has helped skilled nursing providers and assisted living organizations to obtain and maintain their Joint Commission Accreditation for over 30 years.

  • Jessica Prucha

Kerri Hackstock serves as the Vice President of Achieve Accreditation. Her responsibilities include: business development support, operations management, client relationships and corporate communications. Kerri also maintains responsibilities in hands-on accreditation readiness consulting. Kerri is celebrating a 15-year career in the senior living industry in advancing leadership roles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Lewis University.

“I enjoy assisting providers with accreditation readiness. It allows me to utilize both my industry knowledge and my counseling skills,” Kerri said.

Kerri began working with Achieve Accreditation in 2012 and she enjoys helping both clients and consultants.

“The thing I enjoy most about my role at Achieve Accreditation is getting to help people,” Kerri said. “I have an active role with both our clients and our consultants which allows me to help both continuously improve.”

Vice President of Achieve Accreditation Kristin Bratcher enjoys working alongside Kerri because Kerri is dedicated to her work, but also makes work fun, Kristin said.

“Kerri is so easy to work with,” Kristin said. “She is approachable, processes the information provided to her and has strong critical thinking skills. She is a true leader and always finds the positive in every situation.”

Kerri's dedication is evident in the way she interacts with her clients and coworkers.

“Kerri consistently receives praise from clients specific to both her interpersonal skills and her Joint Commission Accreditation readiness knowledge. Clients share that she is super knowledgeable and very hands-on in rolling up her sleeves and helping us to get the job done," President/Founder Achieve Accreditation Kathleen O’Connor said.

In her free time, Kerri likes spending time with her family. Her four-year-old and two-year-old keep her and her husband very busy. She also enjoys true crime shows like Dateline. Kerri hopes to check Greece off her bucket list one day. Kerri said she is the happiest when she is with her family and friends, or when her co-workers and clients succeed.

“One major thing I have learned throughout my time at Achieve Accreditation is that even in the craziest of times, people come together when it matters most,” Kerri said. “The past few years have been very tough on our industry and the level of commitment and caring that people have shown towards each other and their residents is really amazing.”

Jessica Prucha, BAJ is the Office Manager and Brand Storyteller at Achieve Accreditation. Achieve Accreditation has helped skilled nursing providers and assisted living organizations to obtain and maintain their Joint Commission Accreditation for over 30 years.


The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a COVID-19 vaccine requirement on January 13, 2022, affecting staff of U.S. nursing homes and federally funded healthcare facilities. The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulation requires all current and future healthcare workers at covered facilities to receive their vaccines or approval for medical or religious exemption by February 28, 2022. Facilities with less than 100% vaccination coverage risk termination from the Medicare or Medicare Medicaid programs under the CMS mandate, according to McKnights Long Term Care News.

This new regulation will protect nursing home staff, while also offering assurance to residents and their families. Many healthcare leaders faced unforeseen challenges when the vaccine became available, and some staff members refused the vaccine. Unvaccinated healthcare staff pose risks to the health and safety of residents as well as fellow healthcare workers. This mandate will help relieve the burden on healthcare leaders and allow them to dedicate their efforts where they are needed.

President and Founder of Achieve Accreditation Kathleen O’Connor requires both SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza vaccinations as a mandatory term of ongoing employment.

“We are a company that follows the science in demonstrating evidence-based decision making in all that we do,” Kathleen said. “Achieve Accreditation encourages providers to ask for documentation of third-party vaccination records as a part of your organization’s annual ongoing infection prevention and control risk assessment process. Organizations should not make the false assumption that all third-party companies are taking this same safeguard approach.”

With the emergence of the COVID-19 delta and omicron variants, this vaccine mandate is more important than ever. This new regulation is vital in upholding safety and quality care of residents and healthcare workers.

Jessica Prucha, BAJ is the Office Manager and Brand Storyteller at Achieve Accreditation. Achieve Accreditation has helped skilled nursing providers and assisted living organizations to obtain and maintain their Joint Commission Accreditation for over 30 years.